Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iggy Pop - The Passenger (And Morrison's "The Lords")

As Iggy (Jim Osterberg) Pop has freely admitted on several occasions, certain phrases from Morrison's poetry (The Lords) were lifted for the lyrics of the track The Passenger from Pop's album Lust For Life from 1977 (featuring David Bowie - Doors/Morrison connection #4 - on keyboards and vocals, and the rest of what was to make up the bowie-led band Tin Machine):

Modern life is a journey by car. The Passengers [my emphasis]
change terribly in their reeking seats, or roam
from car to car, subject to unceasing transformation.
Inevitable progress is made toward the beginning
(there is no difference in terminals), as we
slice through cities, whose ripped backsides [my emphasis] present
a moving picture of windows, signs, streets,
buildings. Sometimes other vessels, closed
worlds, vacuums, travel along beside to move
ahead or fall utterly behind.

Interestingly, other than having Danny Sugerman as his manager* during one period of his life, Pop also sang vocals on a version of L.A. Woman on July 3rd 1974 in the Whisky, backed by Ray Manzarek on keyboards and other musicians... Also, Iggy was to be involved in fronting Manzarek's band Nite City in the late 1970s but had a falling out with Manzarek.

*Read Sugerman's Wonderland Avenue


  1. Ya he ripped off Morrison. I didn't hear him admit that for a really long time. Iggy could never be Morrison, he just wasn't smart enough to be.

    1. Jim Morrison lived, and died, up his own arse. Why be Jim when you could be Ig?